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For those who have a clear mind, coaching can be the most suitable system to work on

what I would call “adjustments in the functioning of things”.

Having a clear mind does not mean being always free from confusion,

and does not mean to have reached an unmatchable goal, thus impossible

to double or overcome.

More growth is always possible!

If you already have an idea about what you would like to work on with the methods

that I can teach you, you are welcome to get in touch by booking one or more sessions.

There are a few recurrent topics in the requests I get,

and here you find a selection.

The sense of belonging

There is no team-building if one does not feel at home. No good functioning in the family, or in relationships, if one does not feel welcomed and respected.

Your precious contribution can become more valuable if you know how to deliver it, and your working group can learn a new way to deal with team-building!

To fear or not to fear?

Fear is a spontaneous, natural experience. “Flight of fight response” – we heard this one before. But where do we stand and what can we do about it? Are we able to recognize and use (to our advantage) the experience of fear?

Read more about my very special approach about this and find the dates, suitable for you, to take part in the next event on this topic:

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The law of cause and effect

There is a big difference between believing to know how the principle of causality works and

truly mastering it. Knowing the law of cause and effect, and being able to apply it in everyday life, in all we do, both in the personal and professional spheres, gives us the key to the freedom to build the present and the future that we desire the most.

Let’s start!

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