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To fear or not to fear?

How to make a skillful use of your fear.

(yes, that same little thing you do not even recognize that you are experiencing).

Fear is a common experience. We all have been there at least once in our lives. Whether we are willing to admit it or not, we know that feeling.

In challenging times fear tends to come back, uninvited. At first we may not even notice, but sooner or later we recognize a few strange symptoms and, with a skillful work in reverse engineering, we trace back to the source. And… we start denying!

It seems that a sort of microchip has been implanted in our brains at some point in our lives that tells us that fear is unproper. Makes us inadequate. Something we should not have.

Day by day we have been nourishing the idea of wrongfulness in everything that makes us uneasy. And today, in our here and now, we are uncapable to get rid of this limiting concept. Something that started as a protection has turned into an unhealthy habit.

No matter what we do – thinking intensely about our matter of concern, talking to our best friend, sometimes even talking to a therapist – we just can’t complete a real shifting to a state of clarity in which we are truly the boss of our own lives.

… and fear, sooner or later, comes back.

During these sessions I will lead the partecipants through thoughts, comparisons and teachings and I will give space for questions. We will discover that the answer to the opening question: To fear or not to fear? is actually

To fear AND not to fear.

We will learn together that by not fearing anything, we do not grow. We will even consider the possibility that she/he who fears has better possibilities to succeed in whatever it is that they dream of accomplishing in comparison to those in denial.

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