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Are you happy?

Because… I am.

I help people who are doing well
to do even better.
Here and now.

My words from the heart:
trust, method, goals
in order to grow.

Are you interested?



Short, on the point, free of charge.

Also online.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

Do you allow yourself to be happy?

Individual or group coaching sessions.
Online or in presence,
walking coaching sessions are offered as well.

Custom approach with exercises consistent with your needs.
Possibility to meditate together.

Motivational speeches and workshops,
online or in presence.
Topics are chosen according to your team and/or field’s needs. 
I.e.: Clear thinking can be learned; The relationship to others; 
Working with emotions; Body & mind relationship, and more.

From German and English into Italian, translation and proofreading of texts, articles and essays in the field of human sciences, from visual arts to philosophy, coaching and mentoring.

Proven experience in the field of Buddhism, with many books published.

Do we resonate with each other?

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A coach is neither a therapist nor a physician and she/he does not replace you.
A coach does not put energy in the problems but in the solutions instead, and supports you in chosing the feasible options.
A coach helps you discover where you stand, where you would like to go and how to get there.

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